In today’s fast-changing business environment, a reliable and high-performance Wi-Fi infrastructure plays a vital role to ensure the business continuity.

Ruijie AP730-L with unique Wave 2 Tri-band deign is optimized for high density user in SME environment which catering upto 768 users without any issue. 



Designed for High-density Wi-Fi


(Tri-band Design)

Tri-band VS. Dual-band

As the number of Wi-Fi devices increases, the Wi-Fi network features dual-band Wi-Fi technology will become congested. In comparison, by adding an extra band, tri-band Wi-Fi brings faster speeds and more reliable connections.

Overwhelming WLAN Performance

High Density Users Video Streaming Test with 32 & 100 Clients

50 %

better ↑

32 Clients (Lagging Time)*

90 %

better ↑

100 Clients (Lagging Time)*

* Smaller figure indicates better performance

Source: Tolly Test Report, Feb. 2019

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Flexible Hybrid Management

3 different management modes for selection, perfect for your ever changing business needs

  • Standalone

    Simple & Basic connectivity

  • Cloud Management

    Easy & Effective Choice without Provisioning

    Cloud Management
  • Hardware Controller

    High Performance with 3rd Party Integration

    Hardware Controller
  • Hassle-free Authentication

    • PPSK Enterprise Authentication

      New experience feature to manage wireless password for staffs in secure and simple way

    • Captive Portal Authentication

      Integrated Easy Portal for Guest Wi-Fi Hotspot

    Zero Provisioning

    No Software Installation

    4-Step Fast Provisioning by Ruijie Cloud Mobile APP

    Ruijie Networks