1. What’s E-learning?
E-learning system is a learning platform provided by Ruijie Networks, which mainly offers the functions of online RCPS/RSE course training, solution training, exam taking and RCPS/RSE certificate obtaining.
2. How can I get access to e-learning system?
If you need to use e-learning system for course/solution training, exam taking and certificate obtaining, you need to apply for account-bound with the master account of your company.
Please refer to the following steps to apply for account-bound:
a. Visit Ruijie official website: https://partners.ruijienetworks.com/home
b. Login. If you don’t have an account, please register first.
c. After log-in, click user center.
d. Apply for account-bound: click “Account Binding”- “Bind Channel Master Account”– select the email account of your company – select your work position- submit. 
3. The system will send a request email to the master account of your company, after getting the approval by email, you are granted the permission to use e-learning, and you can visit e-learning system freely. 
Log in steps: click “Training”-“E-learning” (or you can click the link to log in directly: http://learning.ruijienetworks.com/index.aspx )
After log-in, all the existing courses and materials will be listed and you can choose the related ones to take. If you have required course and exam to take, and you will receive the notifications from notification icon.
4. How can I take exams to obtain certificate through e-learning?
If you need to take exams to obtain certificate through e-learning in the near future, you need to acquire your RGID first. (RGID is the unique identification of each candidate for the Ruijie certification test, and you are required to use the RGID for test registration, score inquiry, and certificate inquiry.)
Please refer to the following steps to acquire your RGID.
a. Log in to Ruijie official website: https://partners.ruijienetworks.com/home
b. Click user center:
c. Click “Account Management”- “My RGID”- fill out the information – click “Create RGID”, then your RGID will be created automatically.
Remark: If you have any other question about the operation process above, please feel free to contact nickxia@ruijienetworks.com