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100% Wi-Fi Improvement

Zero-interruption Roaming
Mobile POS
Wi-Fi Call
How To Guarantee Your Mobile Services?
Lobby / Restaurant

Guarantee For Mobile POS And VoIP Application

*Average roaming latency is less than 50ms

Guest Wi-Fi Hotspot

Empowered by Ruijie Cloud,
just taking minutes for Guest Portal to setup with flexible authentication options

Flexible Guest Control

Scenario-based Product Design

Rujie's scenario-based AP design can satisfy different needs in various environments.
The ceiling-mount and wall-plate of Ruijie access points options with enterprise-grade reliability and stylish design guarantee excellent Wi-Fi coverage and fashionable interior design.

Spotlight Story
Serve APEC Summit 2017

In 2017, Ruijie undertook the wireless support task for the hotel during APEC Summit, thus being selected to upgrade the whole network of the hotel in 2018 for its

How Ruijie Cloud WIS boost operatio efficiency

We are helped a lot by Ruijie WIS Cloud automatic wireless optimization service. Ruijie is very competitive as other existing well-known brands.” Mr. Andy (IT Manager of Holiday Inn Bandung)

Superior Wi-Fi experience for 4,000+ guess room

From 2015 to 2016, Ruijie Networks successively provided services to Wanda Vista, Wanda Realm, and Wanda Novotel, meeting the strict and high standards of the hotel group and establishing wireless networks as well as weak grid systems.

Ruijie Helps Dorsett Greatly Enhance Guest Wi-Fi Experience

Dorsett has received no complaints about their hotel’s Wi-Fi coverage. The replaceable cover plates and non-luminous design of the APs perfectly fit in the harmonious hotel environment, providing guests with the ultimate comfort and hospitality service. IT Manager from Dorsett (HK)

Try B Hotel Wi-Fi from Ruijie When...

“The hotel was using other brand before, and the Wi-Fi performance was very poor, but now we have changed to Ruijie for 8 months, and received zero complaints about the Wi-Fi. I am happy about Ruijie Wi-Fi solution, and highly recommend it to all my counterparts.“ Mr. Galuh, IT Manager of B Hotel Bali & Spa

Perfect Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi Ex...

“Perfect performance of Ruijie indoor and outdoor hotel Wi-Fi solution and Ruijie Cloud. Ruijie offers competitive price and high quality aftersales service.” IT Team from Club Marco Polo Hotel

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